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2000 Hells Bay for Sale

2000 Hells Bay

Hells Bay


New Winch

New Winch


2000 Hells Bay Waterman

2000 Hells Bay Waterman


September 2012;

Bryan from ESPN

May and June tarpon fishing 2011:

these were two of the busiest months of fishing of the year and just never got to update these months. Thanks to everyone of made the journey down. We had a blast!!! Looking forward to next May and June!

October in the Everglades 2010;

Big redfish sightfished in 6" of water

Mrs. Brown started the day with this monster Redfish in the Everglades before finishing up with 5 or 6 other nice redfish and snook. It was a Great day getting ready for the Big Redsnook tournament that weekend. She was one of the  best flyfishing gals every on my skiff.  She has a world record on fly for a permit she caught. Wow!! Look forward to more fishing stories soon.

August 2010 Tarpon fishing;

August has been a fantastic month for tarpon and hope to keep it rolling into September.

August in a nutshell


Great month! Snook fishing has been off but the redfishing has been really solid. I have a few days in Sept. during the middle of the month so get in the books and get in the action.

I have a travel business that I am going to put on the web-site very soon. Book all your travel on my web-site if it saves you money. If you want to be apart of this company go to and watch the #2 video and give me a call or sign up on your own.

July 2010 redfish on fly;


Man I love this sport.

Redfish love flies!!!!

May and June Tarpon fishing report 2010:

Wayne Blessing's-tarpon-on-fly

Wayne and Walt fished the Everglades with me for four days last week and caught lots of snook, trout, and a few redfish on fly. We really had some great mornings fishing for tarpon and this is one we got to the boat..Great job Wayne on your first tarpon everglades style!!!

This has been typical of the last couple of months and will continue all through the summer.. Leaving around 6:00am and getting back to the dock around 2:00pm. I will try to post some more photos and I have a lot but they don’t have the correct format for this web-site. Just be patient!!!

On another important note. Please make your plans to fish southwest Florida because the oil from the spill will never reach our shores. The loop current and the southeast winds will keep the oil hundreds of miles from our shores.

Everglades guided tarpon fishing;

Well the tarpon are starting to show up but not in big numbers. We saw a few yesterday but never really got the best shots at them…

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