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August 2015 Snook and Tarpon Fishing;

16lb snook on fly

James Overturf and a 16lb Snook on Fly

The weather is nice in the mornings this time of year and as you can see so is the snook fishing.

We usually head in around 1pm  to beat the heat on most days!!




Big snook

Big Snook

February 2015 FISHING REPORT

10lb redfish

K and Johnny and the Big redfish of the day.

14lb snook

Big snook in the Everglades

Rick Percello and his buddy Casey.

Rick Percello was down for preseason for the Red Socks and his buddy Casey.!!

March 2014 Fishing;

Big Snook

Jimmy’s Big Snook

Big redfish around Pine Island
Tom’s Redfish

March is here and the tarpon are showing up when the weather is right.  No one can land one. They are two big and to bad.

Jimmy came down from Corpus Christi Texas last month and caught this 36″ snook.

Tom sightfished this redfish today on fly.

I still have a few days in May and June.


Wintertime snook and redfish;

Big redfish in Pine Island

Big redfish in Pine Island Sound

Lots of big redfish in Pine Island Sound and some great snook fishing in the Everglades at times. The Tarpon were here last week and then left when it got cold. Not in a rush to tarpon fish because the snook and redfish have been moving well on a few choice shorelines.  The weather has been wonderful as well!!

Big snook in the Everglades

Big snook in the Everglades

December 2013 fishing Southwest Florida;

Peter and our best fish of the day.

Peter and our best fish of the day.

It has been very warm so far this winter and we need some cold weather to start the move of snook into the backcountry.    The really big snook  are slowly starting to trickle into the backcountry and we are getting good shots and  hooking  a few but they are breaking us off in the mangroves. We are also catching large mouth bass on some trips. The next couple of months will be the best time to catch a monster snook. Redfish are around year round and on the right tides we have been catching some big fish. Get in on this snook fishing if you can. I still have some opening on my calendar.

October in the Everglades and Pine Island Sound 2013;

Big Snook

Big Snook in the Everglades

Fishing is heating up in the Everglades and Pine Island. Lots of shots at redfish and yes the snook are coming back after the freeze in 2010 that killed over 500,000  (FWCC). On this day we caught four snook over 27” with 6 or 7 smaller snook, and few redfish and one nice trout that Terry caught at the end of the day. November and December should be good if this weather stays nice. Tarpon still around as long as the weather does not get to cold!! Then the big snook really come in my area. Got my finger on the pulse!!

Relaxing after Andy's arms are sore from catching fish.

Andy Hill relaxing in the new skiff

Big Snook

Terry’s snook and enjoying his retirement

Flyfishing Southwest Florida for September 2013;

The author and stud fly caster with a 29" red redfish.

The author, stud fly caster and owner of the famous Norm Zeigler’s Flyshop on Sanibel Island with a 29″ red redfish.

Nice color shot

Nice color shot

The redfish are on the move with schools of 100’s of fish on the flats if you take the time to look for them. We spent 6 hours looking for these schools and found 6 or 7 groups of tailing and boiling redfish with big snook and jacks on the edges of the schools.  Very cool stuff!! This should last a few more weeks?


New Hells Bay for the 2013-2014 season

New skiff will make a great boat for everyone to enjoy.  Comfortable and stylish as well as a great tool for fishing was what I had in mind when I had this boat built. This Hells Bay Whipray is a great riding boat and also runs and poles shallow.  Come on down and fish in the finest flats boat made period!!!

Trout and redfish in March 2013;

Nice trout and redfish on topwaters in Pine Island Sound. Just finished a few days with Mike and caught lots of trout  and a few redfish. We also hooked some nice snook that broke us off or the hooks pulled.  Enjoyed having Mike on the boat and look forward to helping him threw his retirement.HAHa!!!

One of the redfish we got on Topwater Plug

One of the redfish we got on Topwater Plug


18" trout

Trout on topwater in Pine Island




Feburary Pine Island redfish and trout;

Nice 5lb trout

Nice 5lb trout

Nice redfsh

Sightfished redfish

Got out with my good friend Chris Wittman  and found a few fish. Thanks Chris

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