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February 2016;

My new Everglades movie. Check it out!!

The movie is called usiende



Janurary 2016;


33" snook

33″ snook

 Dr. Ciolli fished with me all week and we caught a lot of nice fish. Here are a few choice pictures of our adventures!!!






Beautiful redfish with Doc

December and January 2016;


Flats HQ jerk bait

Just finshed filming a show with Dan Decibel and FlatsHQ founder Shelby Ramsey. The show should be out soon on Vimeo. Here are a few photos from the shoot.





Flats HQ 

Flats  HQ Topwater

Flats HQ Topwater








August 2015 Snook and Tarpon Fishing;

16lb snook on fly

James Overturf and a 16lb Snook on Fly

The weather is nice in the mornings this time of year and as you can see so is the snook fishing.

We usually head in around 1pm  to beat the heat on most days!!




Big snook

Big Snook

June Tarpon Fishing 2015;

Franko’s giant Tarpon fight

Dr. Peter Millett's Tarpon on fly

Dr. Peter Millett’s Tarpon on fly

Tarpon fishing teaser for 2015:

Tarpon on fly at day brake. What a rush!!!

Tarpon on fly at day break. What a rush!!!

February 2015 FISHING REPORT

10lb redfish

K and Johnny and the Big redfish of the day.

14lb snook

Big snook in the Everglades

Rick Percello and his buddy Casey.

Rick Percello was down for preseason for the Red Socks and his buddy Casey.!!


What a great month it has been. Here are some pics from this month so far. I still have a few days open for you guys this spring!!!

 nice snook

nice snook

30ib Black Drum on fly

Black Drum on Fly







My favorite jerk baitAnother snook on Shelbe's jerk bait


April,May, and June 2014;

Nice tarpon

Nice tarpon

Fishing  a lot but here are a few pictures from the last few  months for you guys to look at and enjoy.



Here are also a few pictures from Sharon and Doug Swisher’s  trips with me.







Sharon Swisher with another snook on fly

Sharon Swisher with another snook on fly


Sharon Swisher with a rare catch on fly

Sharon Swisher with a rare catch on fly


38" snook on fly

Big Snook on fly

tarponbaby tarpon on fly

March Snook 2014:

16lb snook on the 8wt

Big 38″ snook

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