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October 2012 in the Everglades during Hurricane Sandy;

As hurricane Sandy moved north in the Atlantic it kicked up some strong winds and squals. However Andy met me in Everglades City as the wind howled and we headed out and got into alot of fish. We hooked 8 nice fish and landed only 3 or 4. The others got off at the boat or broke the line. A Great day as this photo of Andy and one of the bigger redfish we caught attest to on this day. All sight fishing in inches of water. Just look at the mud on the shoreline in the photo.

But as the storm headed north it gave us some nasty west winds in the 20-30mph range making it tough for Roy and his girlfriend to find any action in our afternoon trip yesterday. We tried hard but the water was so high and piled up and the barometer was not moving I feel putting the fish on the bottom. It was still a wonderful day because his girlfriend flew in from Mexico City and Roy came in from Boston and I got to share time with them as we talked about the 150lb tarpon we got last spring. The point is when the weather is bad it can still be a great day. You never know unless you go!!!

October tailing redfish 2012

tailing redfish

tailing redfish

Tailing redfish

Day on the water up around Sanibel. Just wading around with lots of redfish. We landed 6 on fly today with shots a 30 fish maybe.

October 2012 redfish and snook:


Lots of snook and redfish in the shallows

Wonderful days on the water. Lots of bait and lots of fish moving around. We been getting great shots at fish. Tarpon swimming with big redfish and snook moving and feeding and smashing bait. It should be this way all through October.

September 2012;

Bryan from ESPN

September 2012;

Bob’s redfish

Mix bag on jigs and topwaters


We had 50 fish days. We had a mixed bag on many days such as trout, ladyfish, snook, redfish, baby tarpon, catfish, bar jacks, bonita. This all on the outside islands under the birds. Lots of action in the backcountry with snook being the primary target in the back. Photos to come soon. Sight fishing has been the best I have seen for redfish as of late. October should be the same. Come on down for some of the best action this month.