Really busy month but just wanted to thank everyone who fished with me this past month. We caught lots of tarpon and caught some big snook. Here are a few pictures from April.

One day we spent sometime snook and redfishing and end up with this nice red.

Dr. Williams fished with me for a week and landed this nice redfish and hook 10 tarpon and landed a few over the second week in April. We did a video of two of the tarpon fights and will try and collaborate with the good Doctor to see if we can post the videos. I just need sometime.

Another tarpon at boat side Beat had two days with me and we had the leader on this 100lb tarpon and lost two others in dramatic fashion.

The judge's 100lb tarpon taking us up the Shark River for 45 minutes before the line broke. We hooked 5 on this day!!

We really had a great April with an average of two hookup a day on Big tarpon. May has started out the same way with some big snook that broke off and landed and we got a few nice tarpon in the boat during the first week in May. June is open for fishing and in the past has been fantastic. Leaving the dock around 5:30 and returningĀ  after lunch is the usual trend. This is the best month for a Grand Slam (Tarpon, snook, redfish) in the same day. May is booked upĀ  but June has a few days open still. Get in on the action.