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March Tarpon Fly Fishing this Week 2011;

All ready touch the Leader

All Ready touch the leader and Got the DNA for BTT Research

Big fish around and are eating well!!!! Just ask Alan!

Big March Tarpon fight in the Everglades 2011;

End of the fight March 21st

Monster tarpon on fly

Roy's tarpon right before we landed it

The last two days we had a real push of big fish move in and Roy MacDowell III was here for the Tarpon of a lifetime. A 140+ class fish maybe bigger.We even got the BTT DNA sample on this one. Alan Macpherson fished with me yesterday and we land one bigger after an 1 hour fight. I will try and get those photos in ASAP. Just really busy!! More to come.. I still have some days open the last week of March..

Flyfishing Everglades March 2011;

The big tarpon have moved in and on certain tides are all over the place. Hooked and landed one yesterday around 150+. Laidup photo will be coming. This is a photo of my good friend James and his tarpon landed on the 9wt.Come on down and get in some of this action!!!

Nice tarpon

February in the Everglades 2011;

Big keeper snook that didn't brake off

Big snook in February

Lots of Large mouth bass around

nice bass

February was a good month for solid keeper snook. We broke off or had  big snook follow without taking the lure or fly. This day we hooked three big snook and landed this dandy 32″. The others broke our lines. Wow the Everglades can seem dead and then it comes alive suddenly without a moments notice. This snook was the smallest one in the school of 10 or so snook… Tarpon were free jumping behind us but we decided to stay with the snook fishing. Tough decisions!!!