Fished 4 days last week with Big John King. These are a few of the highlights of last week. Even with the cold weather  we found snook and redfish that were happy to eat. The water was so clear we could see fish 100 ft down the shoreline. It is really fun when it get like that. Started each day around 8:30 am to let the sun warm the water and it paid off.  Looking forward to fishing with some great clients and friends later this week. Just be ready Adam Taylor and company to have a blast..It looks like the warming trend is set for later this week. Perfect!!!

It is cold for us south Florida folks today!! Might get in the 30’s tonight. Wow and only December. We were catching tarpon last year at this time.  Must be Global Warming.. HAHA!!

Another nice redfish sightfished in the shallows

Another nice snook caught in 6" of water last week

Endangered Woodstork photo

Backcountry photo