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Movie with Dan Decibel

Everglades Spring 2019

Mike Blacharczyk caught this monster in the Everglades . Great trip. 

September 2019 Everglades

Here are a few pictures from the past few months . Lots of great trip were had this past Spring and Summer. Tarpon fishing has been fantastic with Tom Hartgrove  from St. Louis with his second tarpon in two days and James Overturf also caught a few during his stay in the Everglades. To many pictures to put into one post but you get the idea?








January to August 2018;

I hope everyone has a great spring . I had a very busy season and just wanted to post a few pictures from the last 6 months. The water quality is still good down here and the red tide is up north and on a few beaches but the fish are here and still bitting. We have to go threw this every 5 years as it is a normal cycle of this potion of the Southwest Florida. Enjoy the pics. Great times!!



November 2017:



Steve got a nice snook deep in the Everglades!!



October 2017:


luke with another poon



baby poon

Luke with a monsterLuke with a monster Hurricane Irma has made the fishing fantastic. My personal best October  for Tarpon for sure.    Everyone who came down was rewarded with great results.  We had 20 hookups on baby Tarpon on a few days and the snook have been better than average size .  Here are a few pictures of many this month.   November should be a banner month. peacock bass

Nice snook

Nice snook

February 2017 grand slam;

Rick Percello got the coveted grand slam in style with a 13lb redfish, nice tarpon, and 31″ snook.  Rick has had a great year winning the Cy Young award and now a solid grand slam on fly. All the species were the biggest he has ever caught as well.




IMG_1221 IMG_1220

November 2016;





Trout fly




Baby tarpon

Baby tarpon

Baby TarponBaby Tarpon

Big redfish with big George.Big redfish with big George.

February 2016;

My new Everglades movie. Check it out!!

The movie is called usiende



Janurary 2016;


33" snook

33″ snook

 Dr. Ciolli fished with me all week and we caught a lot of nice fish. Here are a few choice pictures of our adventures!!!






Beautiful redfish with Doc

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